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Best Basic to Advanced Bug Bounty Course Training  Program in India.

A bug bounty program, also known as a vulnerability rewards program (VRP), provides an opportunity to learn the methods of identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities in websites. The course will guide you through the process of bug hunting, exploiting vulnerabilities, and submitting bug reports. By completing the course, you will have the skills necessary to pursue bug bounty programs independently.

Organizations initiate bug bounty programs to incentivize individuals to report any potential security issues they find on their websites. As a result of their growing popularity, bug bounty programs have become a valuable tool for not only rewarding security researchers, but also fostering a community of knowledge sharing. The popularity of these programs has grown tremendously, particularly in India.

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Cybersecurity Training in Hyderabad

A career in bug bounty hunting involves finding and reporting security vulnerabilities in applications and platforms as part of bug bounty programs. Success in this field requires a strong understanding of web application security, ethical hacking, and penetration testing.

As a bug bounty hunter, you may be employed by a company to test their systems for security vulnerabilities, or you may work as a freelance consultant, providing services to multiple clients. You may also participate in bug bounty programs on a volunteer basis, as a hobby, or as a way to supplement your income.

The demand for skilled and experienced bug bounty hunters is increasing as organizations become more aware of the importance of securing their systems and applications. A successful career in bug bounty hunting requires persistence, patience, and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. With the right skills and expertise, a career in bug bounty hunting can be both challenging and rewarding.

What is Bug Bounty

A bug bounty program is a reward system offered by many websites, organizations, and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting security vulnerabilities discovered in their applications or platforms. The purpose of these programs is to incentivize security researchers and experts to find and report security issues in order to help organizations improve the security of their systems and protect their users’ data.

What is Bug Bounty Training

Bug bounty training refers to the process of educating and equipping individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to participate in bug bounty programs and find security vulnerabilities in applications and platforms. The training typically covers topics such as web application security, ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment, and exploitation techniques. The goal of bug bounty training is to help individuals become proficient in finding and reporting security issues and contribute to improving the overall security of the online ecosystem. The training can be offered in various forms, such as online courses, live workshops, or hands-on practical sessions.

Who should Learn Bug Bounty Training?

Bug bounty training can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including:

Students and recent graduates: Bug bounty training can provide valuable knowledge and skills for students pursuing a career in information security and recent graduates looking to start their careers in this field.

Security professionals: Security analysts, penetration testers, and other security professionals can learn new skills and techniques to improve their existing knowledge and expertise.

Software developers: Developers can learn about the common security vulnerabilities in the software they create and how to prevent them.

Information security enthusiasts: Anyone who has an interest in information security and wants to learn more about it can benefit from bug bounty training.

Ethical hackers: Individuals who want to use their skills for good and help organizations improve the security of their systems can learn the best practices of bug bounty programs and how to responsibly report vulnerabilities.

Overall, bug bounty training can be beneficial for anyone who wants to learn about application security, and ethical hacking, and contribute to making the online ecosystem a safer place.

NEXSON IT – Best Bug Bounty Training Academy


Bug Bounty is a name given to several and programs where you have to find bugs / loopholes / security vulnerabilities in an application and make money to doing it.

In simpler terms bug bounty is a program where you get paid to find bugs in any application. That application can be desktop application, android, website, anything. The applications are given by companies to check for bugs and vulnerabilities.

Here are some steps to become a successful bug bounty hunter:

Acquire knowledge: Start by learning about web application security, ethical hacking, and penetration testing. Nexson IT Academy will provide Online & Offline Training, after learning you have to practice your skills and test your knowledge on bug Bounty platforms.

Familiarize yourself with bug bounty programs: Research different bug bounty programs and understand their scope, rules, and rewards.

Develop technical skills: Acquire hands-on experience in finding vulnerabilities in web applications and practice using different tools and techniques.

Stay up-to-date: Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and developments in the field of information security and participate in the community by attending conferences, meetups, and events.

Be ethical: Always be aware of the ethical guidelines of bug bounty programs and follow them strictly. Never perform any actions that could harm the system or compromise user data.

Be persistent and patient: Success in bug bounty hunting often requires persistence and patience. Keep trying, learn from your failures, and improve your skills over time.

Build a network: Network with other bug bounty hunters and security researchers, share your knowledge and learn from others. Join forums, social media groups, and other online communities.

By following these steps and constantly improving your skills, you can become a successful bug bounty hunter and make a positive impact on the online ecosystem.

Bug Bounty Training Course Content 


  • Bug Bounty program
  • History of Bug Bounty


  • Java installation in the system
  • Proxy setting in Firefox browser
  • Burp Certification in Firefox
  • Foxy Proxy


  • Basic Ideas and Introduction
  • Nmap
  • Whatweb
  • Wappalyzer
  • Google dorks
  • Finding Subdomains of Domains
  • Github tools like (bbht, lazyrecon, assetfinder , )
  • Httpstatus.io
  • Github Recon
  • Extra – Censys, crt.sh , waybackmachine , dnsdumpster , shodan.io


  • Basic idea on lab websites
  • Injection Findings Examples
  • Exploitation of HTML Injection Attack
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic Idea
  • Manual attacks
  • manually and automatically
  • Automatic attacks through payloads
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic Idea
  • XSS on LAB Target
  • Play with HTML & XML source code to find the reflection
  • Reflected XSS
  • Stored XSS
  • XSS Exploitations
  • Introduction to KNOXSS tool (Best tool ever)
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic Idea
  • Attack into the Host
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Conclusion of the Bug
  • Attacking Area
  • CSRF on different pages
  • Account take over CSRF
  • Anti CSRF Tokens
  • My personal Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug



  • What is SQLi
  • Virtual Box LAB for SQLi
  • Authentication Bypass Attack
  • Havij pro
  • Union Based SQLi
  • Exploitation (Getting Database) on the GET BASED , POST BASED , HEADER BASED & COOKIE BASED
  • Attacks on Live website
  • POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • What is CMDi
  • Attacks using Delimeters
  • Google cloud shell POC
  • Executing Arbitariry command
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug

WEB PARAMETER TAMPERING (Insecure Deserialization)

  • Basic Concept
  • Finding Injection point
  • Directly Live attacks to decease the price of commercial websites product.
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic Concept
  • Target and Attacks on to the web mails
  • How to identify the bug
  • Exploitations through https://emkei.cz/
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic Idea
  • Finding the uploading targets
  • Bypass the uploading restriction through Burpsuite
  • Uploading .php shell and getting access to the full server
  • Uploading to some malicious files to do the DOS attack
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic concept
  • Forget password page attack
  • Account take over through forget password page
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic concept
  • Attack on the Sign up pages
  • Attacking through Burpsuite (Automation)
  • Attacking Manually by my keywords
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug



  • Basic concept
  • Upload images from Github
  • Checking the hidden data of image in online tools
  • Checking the hidden data of image in Kali linux exif
  • Strings kali linux
  • Live POC
  • Mitigation of this Bug


  • Basic concept
  • Attacking point
  • IDOR in crafted URL
  • IDOR in the comment box
  • IDOR Account take over
  • Mitigation of this Bug

WEB CACHE DECEPTION (Bug Crowd no.1 Bug)

  • Basic concept
  • Manually getting the session into the remote browser
  • Automation tools to detect web cache deception
  • Mitigation of this Bug

FILE INCLUSION (Information Disclosure )

  • Basic concept
  • Local File Inclusion (LFI)
  • Remote File Inclusion (RFI)
  • Path traversal to get root file access
  • Mitigation of this Bug

CTF (Capture The Flag)

Report Writing & POC

  • Getting Familier with Responsible Disclosure
  • Public target reporting
  • Private target reporting
  • Live Bug Hunting & Reporting
  • Familiers with My All Reports
  • Making a report video (screen recording while reporting)
  • Best way to get Hall of fame
  • Best way to get Appreciation
  • Best way to get Acknowledgement

Some Online Bug Hunting Platform

  • Bug Crowd.com
  • Hackerone.com
  • Bugdiscover.com
  • Intigriti.com
  • Yeswehack.com
  • Synack.com
  • Antihack.me
  • Openbugbounty.org
  • Facebook Bug Bounty Program
  • EC Council Bug Bounty Program

How much can you earn through Bug bounty programs?

The amount you can earn through bug bounty programs varies depending on various factors such as the severity of the vulnerability found, the popularity and size of the organization offering the program, and the demand for security experts in the market. Some bug bounty programs offer a few hundred dollars for simple vulnerabilities, while others may offer tens of thousands of dollars for critical issues.

It is also important to note that bug bounty hunting is not a guaranteed source of income and the rewards can be inconsistent. Some bug bounty hunters earn a full-time income through their participation in bug bounty programs, while others use it as a side income or as a way to learn and improve their skills.

Overall, the amount you can earn through bug bounty programs depends on your skills, experience, and dedication. The more you invest in learning and improving your skills, the more opportunities you will have to earn higher rewards through bug bounty programs.

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