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Nexson IT Academy has been Hyderabad’s Leading Training Institution in Digital Marketing Course and we are proud to have successfully secured jobs in Digital Marketing to talented individuals in Multi-National Corporations.

We believe the best way to learn Digital Marketing Course is by doing practically on Live Projects. We train students to be leaders by giving them the power to be the master’s in Digital Marketing in 2020.

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Why choose a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a career that has plenty of room for techs, creatives, and business people. There are so many avenues that you can follow; it’s best to focus on one or two things that you do best, then you can always learn more from there. If you have a business or communications background, you may want to consider going into management.

This is a field that’s ever-changing and engaging; there’s always something new to learn. And if you work in an agency, you’ll always be working with different clients, which means you’ll probably never get bored.

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The program provides hands-on exposure to 40+ Industry Must-Know tools,  100% Practical Training with Live Projects  and Learn from Basics to Advanced Level, 

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Nexson-IT’s Digital Marketing Course is an intensive 50+ hours program, having practical and experiential learning, covering 35 modules taught by the best of the industry trainers with Placement Assistance.

Digital Marketing Course Content

Introduction to Digital Marketing
– What Is Digital Marketing?
– Why Digital Marketing?
– Digital Marketing Platforms?
– Digital Marketing – Organic & Paid
– Digital Marketing Era And The Way Forward
– Digital Marketing For Students, Professionals And Businesses

Search Engine Optimization
– What Is SEO?
– Growth Of SEO In The Recent Years
– Ecosystem Of A Search Engine
– What Are The Kinds Of Traffic

On Page Optimization
– What Is Onpage Optimization?
– HTML Basics
– CSS Basics
– Meta Tags Usage
– Using Javascript To Our Advantage
– Graphics Optimization
– Contextual Interlinking
 Micro Formats & Schemas
– Improving Demographic Score

Off-Page Optimization
– Linking Strategies
– Competitor Analysis
– Sculpting
– Link Baiting
– Professional Article Exchange
– Social Book Marking And Promotions
– Directory Submissions

Misc Tools
– Google Webmaster Tools
– Site Map Creators
– Browser Based Analysis Tools
– Page Rank Tools
– Pinging & Indexing Tools
– Dead Links Identification Tools
– Open Site Explorer
– Domain Information / Whois Tools
– Quicksprout

Search Engine Marketing
– Introduction To SEM
– SEM Platforms – Paid Platforms
– Introduction To Google Adwords
– What Is Google Adwords?
– How Is It Different From Other Platforms?
– Create An Adwords Account
– Key Terminologies In Google Adwords
– Google Adwords Account Structure
– Ad Approval Process
– Campaign Creation Process
– Search & Display Network
– Keyword Match Types
– Keyword Selection (Keyword Planner)
– Display Planner
– Ad Extensions
– Different Types Of Extensions
– Creating Location Extensions
– Creating Call Extensions
– Create Review Extensions
– Ad Creation Process
– Keyword Grouping
– Bidding Techniques – Manual / Auto
– Site Targeting
– Keyword Targeting
– Demographic Targeting / Bidding
– CPC-Based, CPA-Based & CPM-Based Accounts

Advanced Campaign Settings
– How To Handle Different Devices
– Mobile Specific Bids
– Ad Scheduling
– Ad Rotation
– Ad Delivery Settings

Analyzing Account Performance
– Account Interface Analysis Of Data
– Understanding Metrics
– Search Terms Report
– Placement Performance Report
– Analyzing Keywords, Ads
– Landing Page Relevance
– Quality Score
– Ad Rank
– Cost/Benefit Analysis Of Campaigns
– How To Add / Remove Relevant Keywords
– Optimization Process
– Keyword Optimization
– Ad Text Optimization
– Landing Page Optimization
– Bid/Budget Optimization
– Return On Investment Vs Branding
– Attain Equilibrium B/W Keyword Relevance, Ad Text And Landing Page Quality
– Understanding LPQ And Issues

Adwords Editor
– Adwords Editor
– Creating Optimized Campaigns
– Understanding Adwords Editor Options
– Easy Optimization Of Accounts
– Analysis Of Accounts Using Adwords Editor
– Adwords Editor Shortcuts
– Analysing Existing Accounts
– Exporting Accounts Into Different Formats

– Understanding Conversion Tracking
– Types Of Conversions
– Setting Up Conversion Tracking
– Verify Conversion Tracking
– Tracking Conversions
– Optimizing Conversions
– Track Offline Conversions
– Analyzing Conversion Data
– Conversion Optimizer
– Target CPA

Working With Display Network
– Ad Formats
– Creating Image Ads
– Optimizing Image Ads
– Choosing Placements
– Frequency Capping

Mobile Ads
– What Is Mobile Ads?
– Creating Mobile Ads?
– What Are The Types Of Mobile Ads?
– Adwords For Mobile

Click To Call Campaigns
– Create Click To Call Campaign
– Analyze The Campaigns
– Optimize The Ads For Mobile

Youtube Advertising
– What Is Youtube Advertising?
– Why Should One Advertise On Youtube?
– Creating Youtube Campaigns
– Choose Audience For Video Ads
– Instream Ads
– In-Video Ads
– In-Search Ads
– In-Display Ads
– Measuring Your Youtube Ad Performance
– Drive Leads And Sales From Youtube Ads

My Client Center (MCC)
– What Is MCC?
– Who Can Be An MCC?
– How To Signup For An MCC Account?
– Adding Clients For MCC Account
– Monitoring Child Accounts
– What Is MDS?
– UI Access And API Access
– Creating Multiple Mccs

Access Levels
– Sharing An Adwords Account
– Different Access Levels
– Admin Access
– Standard Access Levels
– Email Only Access
– Read Only Access

Billing In Adwords
– Different Types Of Billing
– Postpay And Prepay [Automatic And Manual]
– Billing Issues
– Retry Card
– Troubleshooting Issues
– Primary Card And Back Up Card
– Promo Codes And Working With Them

Invalid Clicks

– Tracking Invalid Clicks
– What Should Be Done
– IP Exclusion

Dynamic Search Ads
– What Are Dynamic Ads?
– Creating Dynamic Search Ads
– Keyword Insertion

Shared Library
– What Is Shared Library?
– Shared Budgets
– Sharing Negative Keywords
– Creating Shared Audience

– Running Keyword Reports
– Campaign And Ad Group Level Reports
– Placement Performance Report
– Running Analysis Reports

Remarketing Campaigns
– What Is Remarketing?
– How Do I Create A Remarketing Campaign?
– Remarketing Campaigns
– Creating Custom Combinations
– Creating URL Rule
– Creating A Remarketing Tag

BING Adcenter
– Bing Adcenter

Facebook Marketing
– Facebook Paid Marketing
– Running Paid Campaigns
– Managing Interests
– Create Custom Audiences
– Create Multiple Adverts
– Power Editor

Analyze Campaigns
– View FB Insights
– Data Interpretation

Linkedin Marketing
– Linkedin Paid Campaigns

A/B Split Testing Web Analytics
– Introduction To Web Analytics
– GA Terminology (Dimensions & Metrics)
– Introduction To Reports
– Audience Reports, Traffic Sources And Content Reports
– Basic Setup
– Campaign Tagging & Reporting
– Understanding Conversions
– Understanding Goals And Funnels
– Dashboard
– Custom Reporting
– Understanding Events
– Linking And Using Data From Google Adwords
– Profiles
– Profile Filters
– Visitor Flow
– Real-Time Data


Content Marketing
– Blog Marketing
– Article Marketing
– Cross Promotions
– How To Effectively Market Content
– Call To Action Via Content
– Guest Blogging
– Content Marketing Tools (Around 30 Of Them)

Email Marketing

– What is Email Marketing?
– Advantages of Email Marketing
– Terminology Used in Email Marketing
– Do and Don’ts in Email Marketing
– Email Marketing Platforms
– Lead generation tools
– Auto-Responders
– Designing Newsletters
– Creating mailing sequences
– Generating sales from Email Marketing
– Avoiding spam folder
– Bulk Emailing
– Best practices to send bulk emails
– Reports Metrics and Analysis
– A/B Testing & Improving ROI

Social Media Marketing
– Social Media, Social Networking & Social Media Marketing Defined
– Blogging And Microblogging
– Social Networking
– Video Sharing

Facebook Marketing
– Introduction To Social Media
– What Is Social Media?
– How Social Media Developed
– Managing Information Aggregators
– Google Alerts
– Blogs

Getting Your Company Ready For Social Media
– Content Management
– Scheduling & Creating Content
– Managing Content Programs
– Trademark Implications
– Working With Tumblr

– Creating Groups And Pages
– Tips And Guides
– Posts
– Paid Promotion
– Ads
– Contests

– Set-Up And Usage
– Tips
– Promoted Tweets
– Buffer
– Hootsuite
– What Is Tweetdeck

– Tips And Guides
– Review Of Profiles
– Linkedin Posts
– Linkedin Promotions

Social Media Measurement
– The ROI In Social Media Marketing
– Tools And Dashboards
– Reputation And Crisis Management

Social Media Measurement And Metrics
– Quantifying Success
– Data Mining And Social Media
– Social Media Measurement Tools
– Data And Social Media

Other Social Media Tools
– Google Trends
– Trending Topics
– Twitter Trends
– Social Media Trends

Facebook Paid Ads
– Facebook Object Ads
– Page Post Ads
– Sponsored Stories
– Facebook Offers
– Facebook Sponsored Stories
– Remarketing Ads
– Custom Audience
– Action Specific Targeting
– Facebook Premium Ads

What You Will Learn
– How To Get Your Business Checking-In
– Setting Up Accounts On Second Tier Platforms
– Promoting Social Media Pages In Other Media
– Best Social Media Listening And Management Tools
– Creating Positive Chatter In Social Media
– Linking Social Media Accounts
– Utilizing Discussion Boards And Social Groups
– Metrics, Measurement And Evaluation
– Defining Key Terms In Social Media
– Establishing Goals And Key Tracking Metrics
– Free Social Media Measurement Tools
– Benefits Of Popular And Custom URL Shorteners
– Calculating Acquisition Costs And Hard ROI From Social Media
– Creating Customized Campaign Performance Reports
– Social Media Case Studies
– Major Brand Case Study
– Small Company Case Study
– Small B2B Case Study
– Big Brand Digital Media Site Side Optimization
– Using Social Media For Brand Awareness
– Using Social Media For Direct Response
– DFA/DFP Overview.

Career Growth for a Digital Marketer

This career path could begin as a digital marketing executive, followed by a digital marketing and analytics manager, which could progress to the head of digital marketing.

Digital marketing, in general, involves a variety of areas, including monitoring, having analytical and tactical knowledge. As a digital marketing professional, you would also be responsible for monitoring multiple digital marketing campaigns, some of which may be running at the same time.

Additionally, you will be responsible for having the analytical and technical knowledge, so that you can provide your client with outcomes based on the initial goals that you set at the beginning of the marketing campaign. This allows you to analyze what has taken place as a result of the marketing campaign. Not only will it enable you to be able to provide a reporting of the responses received from current and potential customers, but you could also make recommendations to your client as to what to do differently to determine which specific campaigns are working and which are ineffective. At that point, you can choose to perform split tests or implement other strategies to ensure an effective campaign.

best digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad, Bangalore 2