Cyber security coaching in hyderabad

Are you ready to take the first step towards a rewarding career in cybersecurity? Enroll in our Cyber security coaching in hyderabad today and join the league of professionals who are at the forefront of defending against cyber threats.

Whether you decide to join us at Nexson IT Academy in Hyderabad, Our coaching centers in Hyderabad provide you to engage with expert instructors and like-minded peers. Alternatively, our online training platform offers flexibility, enabling you to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Regardless of your preference, our comprehensive curriculum and dedicated team will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the ever-evolving field of IT. Join us today and take a confident step towards a promising future.

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Join Our Cyber security Course will Change Your Future. 

Cyber Security Experts have the skills and knowledge to assist organizations in identifying potential security risks early and responding more quickly when they occur. This training includes three months of live Training that covers the most important information security issues and practices today. You will be fully prepared to take the Cyber Security exam and tackle real-world security issues across the 20+ Modules.

cybersecurity Training in Hyderabad

Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity Training in Hyderabad

Ethical Hacking

The Future Scope of Cybersecurity in India

Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand due to a surge in demand for cybersecurity specialists. As long as cybersecurity employment remains in high demand, the situation will remain the same.The cyber security industry is one of the fastest-growing in technology. Hyderabad has emerged as a technology and IT hub. There are many companies and multinational companies with campuses in Hyderabad, India. Millions of Cybersecurity experts work in Hyderabad, India and other countries, and there are many opportunities for people at all levels. Cybersecurity is an evergreen industry due to widespread digital transformation, assisted by COVID-19 and remote working. The internet will always have malware, which is why we need absolute digital protection against it as long as there is an internet.





Securing Tomorrow: Navigating Challenges and Achieving Excellence in Cybersecurity for Hyderabad

The timeframe for expert in a Cyber Security Expert Program Course depends on your education, practice, experience, and certifications. The majority of people can be in an entry-level cybersecurity expert job within about two or four months. For someone who has already been working in IT and has enough experience, a certification is a surefire way to quickly transition into this field.

Who Can Apply for the Course?

Anyone Interested To Learn Cyber Security Expert Program Course And Switch Career In This Field (Everyone Can Switch Even If Comes From Different Background) We are Providing  From Basic To Advance Level Of Training.

✅ Freshers and Professionals with non-programming backgrounds

✅Professionals who wish to move to ethical hacking and Cybersecurity Career

✅Anyone who has a passion for Cyber Security Technologies and minimum Degree

✅Cyber Security experts are a career option for professionals looking to advance their careers.


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Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

– What is Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security?
– Importance of Cyber Security
– Cyber Security Domains
– CIA Triad
– Vulnerability, Threat and Risk

Linux Essentials

 -History and Features of Linux
-Architecture of Linux OS
-Linux Distributions
-Linux Command Line
-Software Package Management

Linux Administration

 – File System
– Users and Groups
– File/Folder Permissions
– Special Permissions
– Disk Management
– Service and Process Management

Networking Fundamentals

– Computer Networks and Types of Networks
– Network Devices
– IP and MAC Address
– IPv4 and IPV6 Packet Structure
– Addressing and Subnetting
– OSI Model and TCP/IP Model
– Network Protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP)
– Network Services (DNS, DHCP, SNMP, FTP)
– Packet Analysis using Wireshark

Network Security

– Internet, Intranet, and Extranet
– Firewalls
– VPN and tunneling
– Honeypot

Vulnerability Management

– Fundamentals of Vulnerability Assessment and Management
– Vulnerability Assessment tool Deployment Strategy
– Scanning Methodologies
– Authenticated vs Non-Authenticated Scanning
– Planning and Performing Infrastructure Security Assessment
– Interpreting and Calculating CVSS Score
– Risk Identification and Categorization
– Reporting
– Patches and Updates

Network Penetration Testing

– Introduction to Penetration Testing
– Types of Penetration Testing
– Pentesting Services
– Penetration Testing Phases
– Exploitation (Automated)
– Password Cracking

Advanced Network Pentesting

– Manual Exploitation of System Vulnerabilities
– Post-Exploitation
– Privilege Escalation (Linux and Windows)
– Resolution & Retesting
– File Security


– Introduction to Cryptography
– Symmetric Ciphers
– Asymmetric Ciphers
– Building SSL certificates
– Digital Certificates and Digital Signatures
– Disk Encryption
– Hashing
– Encoding
– Steganography

Cyber Security Compliance

– Cyber Security Compliance
– ISO IEC 27001/ISO 27002
– Penetration Testing Standards
– Risk Governance & Risk Management
– Cyber Crime & Classification of Cyber Crimes
– NIST Cybersecurity Framework
– Case Studies

Web Fundamentals

– Web application technologies
– Web Application offense and defense
– Web Reconnaissance
– Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Web Application Pentesting

– OWASP Top 10 Web Risks
– Web Application Pentesting Checklist
– Authentication & Authorization
– Session Management
– File Security
– Web Application Firewalls

Mobile Application Pretesting

– Android OS Architecture
– IOS Architecture
– Android app structure
– Rooting Concept
– Compromising Android OS with malware
– Android App Penetration Testing

Wi-Fi Security

– Wi-Fi Security
– Wifite Tool
– Attacking Wi-Fi security protocols (WEP, WPA/WPA2)

Social Engineering

– Social Engineering Campaigns
– Human-based attacks
– Defense against Social Engineering

Cloud Security

– Architectural Concept and Design Requirements
– Deployment Models and Security
– Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security
– Cloud Data Security
– Legal and Compliance Implications

Computer Forensics (Cyber Forensics)

– Database forensics.
– Email forensics.
– Malware forensics.
– Mobile forensics
– Network forensics
– Image Meta Data

Identity Theft

– Mail Identity Theft
– Online Shopping Fraud
– Debit Card Fraud or Credit Card Fraud
– Account Takeover Fraud
– Biometric ID Theft
– Medical Identity Theft

Hacking windows

Hacking Windows 10 & 11 with Metasploit

Attacks on Social Media

Phishing Attacks on Social Media

SET Toolkit

SET Toolkit

Web Application Hacking

Web Application Hacking – Bypass authentication.

Bug Bounty ( Penetration Testing )

– What is Penetration Testing
– Types of Testing
– What is Vulnerability Assessment
– Types of Vulnerability Assessment
– Vulnerability Assessment life cycle

Information Gathering

– Online Resources to gather information

Installation of Lab setup

– Installation & Configuration of Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA)
– Installation & Configuration of OWASP

Introduction of Burp suite

– Installation of Burp suite
– Configuration of Burp Suite
– Explanation of each component in Tool

Web Application Vulnerabilities:

– Cross Site Scripting
– Host Header Injection
– URL Redirection Attack
– Data Tampering
– HTML Injection
– File Inclusion (LFI & RFI)
– SQL Injection
– Bypass Authentication
– Web Shells (File Upload Vulnerability)
– Sensitive Information Disclosure
– Critical File Attack
– Source Code Disclosure
– CSRF Attack
– Word Press Pen Testing
– Clickjacking
– DOS Attacks
– SSRF Attack
– WordPress testing
– XML External Entity Injection
– Missing insufficient SPF records

Report Writing

– How to write Report Writing

Open Source Bug Bounty Platforms

– Open Source Bug Bounty Platforms.
– List Of Bug Bounty Platforms.
– How to Enroll in Bug Bounty Platforms. 

Certifications you will get with our Course

Nexson IT Cybersecurity Expert Course Certifications you will get with our Courses. Enroll Now and get Certification.

Ethical Hacking



Meet your Mentor

Vishwanath Chinthakindi
– Ethical Hacking Trainer

Having 10 years of experience in Application Security Assessment, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment, Cloud Security Assessment, and Red Teaming.

Audited 80+ applications in the areas of Banking, Finance, healthcare, education, e-commerce, and others.

Delivered various Cyber Security courseware ie., EC-Council & CompTIA course training across the globe to around 8200+ corporates and students till date.

Conducted external and internal penetration tests on servers of various national & international clients.

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