How can a fresher become a DevOps engineer in 2022?

Written by saritha

January 4, 2022

How can a fresher become a DevOps engineer in 2021?

How can a fresher become a DevOps engineer in 2021?

One of the most frequently asked questions these days are “Can a fresher start his/her career as a DevOps specialist?”.

Before we get into the answer, let’s review some important features of DevOps.

First let us understand, what is DevOps?

In simple terms, we can say, “DevOps represents a cultural shift and a new way of collaboration or teamwork to build better software faster and more reliably. ”

So now how do we begin as freshers?

DevOps engineers need a specific set of skills in order to be successful in their careers. You need to comprehend this from both the perspective of a developer and of an operations guy.

By replacing the traditional software development process, these cultural shifts have allowed people with a wide range of skill-sets, including developers, testers, and operations people, to work together by using automation tools and by communicating frequently with each other.

When a developer codes, develops, tests, or deploys a process, they are executing the code. The process doesn’t require you to learn in-depth development or programming, but you do need to be aware of how it works.

Be familiar with how System Administration and Operations work. The IT industry had existed and been successfully running long before this cultural shift occurred. In addition, positions like systems administrators and operations guys deserve recognition. These professionals automated deployments, build processes and monitored servers and applications using scripts before DevOps.

It may seem pretty exhaustive, but the above items are not all that important. But,

As a DevOps engineer, you need to understand both aspects of development and operations.

As a fresher, formal college education or degree qualification is not sufficient to get a DevOps job on the current market. The gap between education and acquiring the practical skills required by engineering graduates is well known, and only a few graduates are suited to general positions.

As a fresher, if you would like to be hired as a DevOps engineer then you should join some DevOps Learning Programs that are run by expert mentors for proper and practical guidance. These types of DevOps programs promote learning curve preparation and can help you understand your own culture well before working on the production floor.

In this context, I’m not saying that freshers can’t be DevOps engineers. However, the path will not be an easy one at all. In order to become a DevOps engineer, you must prepare, do research, study, and work hard. Prepare yourself, enroll in some good DevOps Engineering courses, and then apply for jobs; it will surely help you in your CV and interview.

The IT industry is not new to technology transformation and transition. Whenever this kind of new thing comes out, it will automatically increase the demand for candidates with those trending skills. Anyone who is capable of learning quickly can take the lead and build a bright career in IT. As a result, freshers can always get into modern IT jobs if they are skilled or committed enough, and DevOps is no different.

Having ended our discussion, I would say that yes, even as a fresher, you can become a DevOps engineer. However, you will need hard work and continuous learning to succeed in your career.


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